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New Year 3 (2021-2022)

Welcome Story by the Year 3 staff

Welcome to our transition page!

We are so very excited to see you in September. We are so sorry that we aren't able to see you in person!


Here is the page set up for your transition day on Tuesday 6th July. Whether you are at school, or at home you can have a little look at the activities we have organised for you to do today!

When you are ready, please feel free to send them to your class teacher:

3S (Miss Sharratt) -

3R (Teacher Read) -

3HS (Mrs Harrison/Miss Styles) -


We can't wait to hear more about you!

Tour of Great Missenden School

The children at Great Missenden wrote some letters for you!

We asked the children in current Year 3 to think of some questions that they would have asked this time last year. 

Please see below the list of questions and answers!
If you still feel you need a question answering before September, either email the office ( or email your class teacher at the above addresses.


Thank you.


What is the expectation of homework?

In the first half-term there will not be very much. We will set up your log-ins for some websites in September that you can use and will suggest that you have a play around on them to get used to them (TTRS, Purple Mash, Mathletics, Spelling Shed). We always recommend that you read every night and record this in your Reading record. These will be collected every Monday by the class teacher, to see what you enjoy reading!

How will I know everyone’s names?

We do the register every morning and on our first days we will have name-tags, to help us learn more quickly. We will even do “icebreaker” games to help us get to know each other even better!

What activities will we be doing on the first few days?

Icebreakers and games, discussions about class expectations and ideas about what we will be learning about, including our Topic (WAC & Science)- we might even do a “WOW!” day, to get us excited about our new learning!

What does the day look like?

We have a schedule in each class! A lesson in the morning before break, and two after break before lunch. We usually try to do Maths and English in the morning and then complete a couple of fun activities for WAC or Science etc. in the afternoon before home time!

Who will our teachers be? What other adults will be in the classroom?

Mrs. Harrison, Teacher Read, Miss Sharratt, Mrs. Hulbert, Mrs. Hemsworth, Mrs. Lee, Ms. J, and our LSA’s: Mrs. Welch, Mrs. Calveley, Mrs. Chiles and Miss Dale.

What should I look like on the first day?

Smartly dressed, hair up if it’s long, no nail varnish or jewellery, sensible shoes, and school uniform (if it hasn’t arrived please don’t worry!).  Bottoms should be black or grey, with a white polo and our navy jumper/cardigan!

Will there be a safe space for us to go to?

We have a quiet room, which is a safe area within year 3 to calm down, read a book, snuggle up and take it slow if you need some extra time. Your teacher may ask you to come and relax with them in there if they’re worried about you, and will show you how to use it sensibly.

When do we receive our pen licences?

Throughout the year you will be practicing your handwriting, especially your joined-up handwriting, with appropriate finger spaces, capital letters and full stops. If you can achieve these things you will be granted a pen licence and gifted a blue pen! You’ll be able to earn these after the first half-term.

Where will all our things go and what are we expected to bring in?

We will have pegs and drawers to store our belongings in/on. You should have a fully stocked pencil case (ruler, glue stick, scissors, pencils, sharpener, rubber, colouring pencils) also a water bottle and weather appropriate outerwear. Your lunchbox (if you bring it) will need to fit in your backpack. You will also need a PE kit!

Do we bring in our own water bottle and pencil cases?

Yes! Please bring everything you may need for a school day in on the first day in a pencil case that is named. It is recommended that you bring:

  • Several pencils
  • A sharpener
  • A rubber
  • A ruler
  • Colouring pencils

And it’s suggested that you bring these home to replenish every half term, ensuring important items are named!