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Extract from Chapter 6


Slowly, Maya turned and there before her was a man. He had brown hair, blood red eyes and they were fixed on Maya. He was taller than her, his stance gave off the impression that he was better than everyone else. Closing her eyes and opening them again, he was still there, she was not imagining this. This man he was there and he knew her by name. Something felt familiar but also felt strange.


“How do you know my name?”


“I know everything about you Maya, Lady of Frostmoth. I have been watching in the background in the shadows. Seeing your great sacrifice, seeing you rebuild Frostmoth once again. It was so beautiful.”


“You know about Frostmoth?”


“For many years I lived there, before I was betrayed but the one who was the closest to me. She sent me away!”




“Yes it is me, my dear sister, well half-sister. I am Erion, prince of Frostmoth. The one who was sent away by my own mother, our mother. I was devastated when I learnt that they had died, so I am looking for the soul knife so I can bring them back. I was told about the temples and I see you have already been in the temple of Dawn. I assume that it was not there.”


Maya shook her head.


“Well then we must move on, I know where the other two temples are but I am afraid that I cannot do it alone, join me sister and together we can bring them back.”


Erion held out his hand, scratches covered his pale white arms.