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Online Music events and lessons


Online Daily Music  (see full details of each event in posts below)

11am - The Beat goes on - Fun body percussion session suitable for age 7 upwards (younger with parental support)

5.30pm - Gareth Malones Home Chorus - virtual choir rehearsal working towards performance.  May introduce instrumental sections later in the Project

10am Monday and Friday and 6.30pm Weds  - Music with Mylene Klass  - Music lessons 10-20 mins on various topics.


All live sessions are available via YouTube channels following the event, so you can choose to do them at your leisure.

The Beat Goes On - 11am daily music lesson


Daily body percussion music lesson at 11am at  Please see flyer below.  OIlie Tumner is a former teacher and member of STOMP.  His workshops are really fun and engaging and children should be familiar with some of the methodology if they have done Samba or African Drumming in music lessons at school.


Designed for age 7 upwards, but adaptable for younger children too.  (Eg:  for younger children try getting them to just stomp and not clap or vice versa).  The live lessons are around 20 mins long and require no/little adult input for year 3 upwards, although you might find it fun to join in too! 


Please feel free to send any comments to to let me know how you got on with these lessons.




#HomeMalone  - Gareth Malones home Choir


This is a project to get the nation singing!  Live rehearsals on Gareth Malones Facebook page or YouTube account everyday at 5.30pm (or after the PM's daily  update)


 A really great idea if you are either:

 - Missing singing in your usual choir (I miss my after school clubs!)

 - Have always wanted to join a choir, but been a little nervous (great to start at home and gain confidence)

 - Perhaps your parents have not sung in a group since school and have forgotten how uplifting it can be? 


There is a daily rehearsal at 5.30 (I did it in my kitchen whilst cooking dinner for my children last night, and they took part alongside me).  Gareth Malone uses a range of fun warm ups and singing games which would interest even quite young children even if they do not wish to participate in the full rehearsal.  You need to sign up to get the music, but don't panic if you don't read music, it is the song 'You are my sunshine'.  As I understand it  the main rehearsal is the well known tune, then for those that wish to stay online and learn the other vocal parts you can do so.  


You can then (only if you want to) send your videos or audio files of you singing into Decca records and they will combine it all into one performance.   


If you do record yourselves, please send me a copy, I would love to see/hear you singing and I might be able to do a school version if technology allows  (this will take a lot of growth mindset for me, but I am keen to give it a go!) please email me at