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Weekly French Lesson

Bonjour. I hope that you are all coping under these strange circumstances. I have been so impressed with all your fantastic work Year 5.

For those of you who would like to spend some time each week learning more French, I am going to upload a lesson every Tuesday evening. In the main part it will be revision of everything we have done so far. I will focus on phoneme sounds so you can improve your pronunciation.


Each week the lesson will start with a power point presentation then I will attach worksheets for you to complete if you have a printer and can print them off. If not, you can use a snipping tool, edit them and send then to me on the email address below. If you want to send me short videos that would be great too.


The main thing is to enjoy the work and not feel under any pressure. Anything you do is a bonus and will help you with your already fabulous pronunciation going into Year 6.


Missing you all terribly,

Madame Hemsworth



Week commencing 4th May- French characters and revision of family and pets


Firstly a huge well done (or as they say in France - Félicitations!) to everyone who has completed the tasks I am setting each week for French. As all of you are in different circumstances, the work set is not compulsory but if you can complete some / all, that is fabulous. 

Remember to send your work directly to me at: and put your name and class in the subject box. It really helps me as I teach everyone in the school from Years 3-6.

This week (Week 3 of the Summer Term) we are looking at 'French characters'..... not people but those funny lines they put over vowels and the letter 'C'. Have you ever wondered how you type 'café' correctly with the 'é' at the end? Well this week you will find out. 

There will also be activities to help you consolidate your understanding of French nouns. 

Have a great week, enjoy the long weekend and remember not to worry about your work. Do your best, that's what counts!

Madame Hemsworth



Week commencing 11th May- revision of animals and

the grammar point - the indefinite article.

Challenge - Tongue twister!


Well done (as they say in France) félicitations!  I have received some OUTSTANDING work this week. For some of you, I know it's hard to fit everything in the day/week. The French work I post each week is optional and there is no deadline. I really enjoy receiving your emails so please, even if you finish one worksheet, send it in. You can complete anything I post. It should all be mainly revision of what we have covered so far since Year 4.


I must however, give a special mention to the following students this week who have sent me work of an EXCEPTIONAL quality: 

5M- Henry W, Georgia B and Daniel B

5W - Issy H, Scarlett S and Isabel R


I have added lots of activities for you to choose from. The worksheets are are graded A,B and C according to ability Level. You can choose from 'A' easy, 'B' middle or 'C' more challenging. 


Have a fabulous week, when the weather is nice try and get outside as much as you can. Stay positive, support each other, keep smiling and always be kind. 

Missing you all, 

From Madame Hemsworth



Week commencing 18th May 2020

French baking activity


Wow, another week or remote learning under our belts! Our last week before the Summer half term and a well-deserved rest. You have 'blown me away' once again with all your wonderful work. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading all your emails, receiving pictures, videos and, of course, your 'progress clouds'. 


I hope that you enjoyed last week's PowerPoint. My cats certainly enjoyed having their pictures taken. Believe it or not, they are actually French. They were rescued from the north of France and we adopted them. I like to think that they are now fully bilingual. 


This week, I have something a little different for you to try...baking! I have attached the recipe of a favourite desert made by French children. It is called a yoghurt cake because it uses yoghurt as one of the ingredients. You then use the yoghurt pot to measure out the other ingredients. Have a go if you can (and if you can get the ingredients). Please send me pictures of your cakes and I will display them on the French celebration page next week. Links to the recipe and a video showing you how to make it are at the bottom of this page.


Finally, if you haven't managed to do any of the activities set each week, and you have some spare time this week or over half term, have a go and send me your work. It really doesn't matter if it's from 3 weeks ago. Have a great week, stay positive, keep smiling and always be kind to one another. 


Missing you all lots.


Madame Hemsworth

Yoghurt Cake

Ingredients: One small pot of natural yoghurt (Then use the pot to measure the other ingredients) 2 pots caster sugar 3 eggs 1 tsp vanilla extract 3 pots pla...