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Write the word was on a whiteboard. Check that children can read it. Say a sentence using the word. Soundtalk the word, raising a finger for each phoneme. Ask children to do the same. Discuss the letters required for each phoneme, using letter names. Explain that it sounds like we need /o/ in the middle of this word but this word is special and we have to train our brains to remember to spell it with the letter a. Ask children to trace the shapes of the letters with their fingers. Rub the word off the whiteboard and ask children to write the word on their own whiteboards. Repeat with you.


Children to read the following words- you could write them down for them to read one at a time. 

sniff, smell, brown, groan, floam, pliff, stell, vrown. Children to decide which words are real and which words are silly. 


Read a sentence. Ask children to write on whiteboards. If any children find writing very difficult then they could create the sentence from magnetic letters. Encourage children to soundtalk to help them spell words. Sniff the sweet jar. Yum! Scoop the sweets into a bag. Chomp the sweets and crunch them up.