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Practice phase 2/3 graphemes using Phonics play flashcards.


Write a two syllable word on the whiteboard/paper making a slash between the two syllables e.g. lunch/box. Sound talk the first syllable and blend it l-u-n-ch lunch. Sound talk the second syllable b-o-x box. Say both syllables lunchbox. Repeat and ask the children to join in. Repeat with the words: helpdesk, windmill, treetop, starlight


Say these words and ask children write them on wb or paper- lunchbox, helpdesk, windmill, treetop, starlight, desktop, sandwich, sandpit


Children to have a go at reading the following sentences- 

You put a shampoo sandwich in my lunchbox.

Ring the helpdesk and tell them my cat is stuck.

I stuck a little windmill in this sandpit.