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Phase 4- Week 3 


Teach reading tricky words do, when, out, what.


Practise Buried Treasure - draw a treasure chest and a rubbish bin and children need to read words and decide whether they are real words or silly.  Words: think, thank, street, spring, plink, thand, spreet, sprick. 


Apply Display a yes/no question. Children read independently and decide if the answer is yes/no. 


Do clocks get cross?

Can crabs clap hands?

Are you fond of plums?

Did a shark ever jump up a tree?

Do trains run on tracks?

Will a truck go up steep stairs?

Can we see the stars on a clear night?

When you get wet, will you shrink?

Will trash jump from a dustbin?


Can you have a go at writing one for me to answer?