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Use a large four letter phoneme frame. I have attached one but you can easily just draw one out- 

say the word dump. Soundtalk it slowly. Make the word in the phoneme frame with magnetic letters or cut out write it in.  Repeat with sent.


Practise Play Phoneme Frame- Give your child a small phoneme frame. Read out a word and ask children to create it in the phoneme frame with magnetic letters or grapheme cards or write them in. Words: bump, jump, went, tent, damp, bend, mend


 Apply-  Read a sentence. Ask children to write on whiteboards. Encourage children to soundtalk words. Show a card with the sentence on. Ask children to check each letter. Encourage them to correct any mistakes.

I can boast that I had toast for my lunch.

I think that pink socks might be the best.

If you feel down in the dumps then jump and sing.