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Phonics Progression

Little Wandle: Letters and Sounds Revised

We have clear teaching and learning progression in Reception and Year 1 which follows the Little Wandle overviews below:

Letters & Sounds Reading Books

We are currently in a period of transition and are working hard to align our reading books to the 'Little Wandle: Letters & Sounds Revised' phonics programme.


Over the past 6 weeks we audited all of our 'Letters & Sounds' phonics books and were able to order a large amount of ' Little Wandle' books that match the scheme. This has enabled us to sort our books in to those that were fully decodable (every sound and word can be read by the child) and those that were not. Only the fully decodable books remain part of the new 'Little Wandle' scheme. 


We will be phasing out the old coloured banding names of Lilac, Pink A, Pink B, Red A, Red B, Yellow, Blue, Green, Orange & Turquoise. Instead, you will begin to see the following:

Lilac - Phase 1 - (Wordless Books)

Magenta - Phase 2 (old Pink A, Pink B & Red A books)

Teal - Phase 3 (old Red B)

Green - Phase 4 (old Yellow & Blue)

Mustard - Phase 5 (old Green, Orange & Turquoise)


If your child is reading a Letters & Sounds book you will now see a number listed on the top left hand corner of the book - this indicates what phonics phase they are currently learning in school. 

Beyond Phonics

Once our children are reading their Phase 5 sounds fluently and with confidence they will move beyond the 'Little Wandle: Letters & Sounds Revised' programme of books. This is typically around Autumn 2 in Year 2. Children will begin the next phase of their reading journey on Purple stage books.