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Today we are going to be thinking about all the things we have improved on over this year. Just think back to when you started in Year One. Most of you could only write a few words, some children were not sure about counting and most of our handwriting was not the best! But look how far you have come now! I can not believe the progress you have made despite this year not being a ‘normal’ one! Have a discussion about some of the things you have learnt this year and what you are proud of. This can be things in the classroom but it can also be something you have learnt outside of school or how you have improved in a certain sport or playing in instrument? Maybe you are a kinder more helpful person than you were in September.
Lets here your ideas.


Now we have talked about how amazing you all are… which you are… but there is always room for improvement! Even as you get older and even adults still have goals and targets they want to improve on and achieve and learn new things! So now we are going to think about going into year two, what would we like to continue to improve or what would we like to learn that’s new? Have a discussion and give them some ideas about maybe how they could improve their writing/reading, their math’s and then maybe one more of a personal one as we will be setting three goals!


Activity: Using the ‘My Goals’ document below you will have a template of a football (When we achieve and then kick our targets into a goal!!) You need to think of three things that you would like to learn or improve on next year. You can then name/date the bottom and we can keep them to tick off as we achieve them next year!