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Explain to the children that on ‘Hump Day’ (Wednesdays) we are going to have ‘Wellbeing Wednesday’ sessions. This could be fun outside, could be mindfulness activities like colouring and yoga, it might be looking at ways to keep us safe and heathy, using our growth mindset and so much more. Looking after ourselves is so important anytime but especially now. Adults and teachers need to do this to!


Today we are going to start by reading ‘Huge Bag of Worries Story’. Open up the Story PowerPoint and you can follow the story and the pictures. Discuss the book and answer the two questions at the end of the slides. Discuss any worries the children might have about coming back to school or just in general.


Now talk to the children about one of the rules/ways we can keep each other safe and limit our worries, the important 2 metre rule. Watch the 2 Metres distance song:

Discuss how this is in place to keep us safe now but actually we should be aware of this personal space bubble even when corona virus has gone. No only for hygiene reasons but for your own comfort zones. Watch this personal space clip:


Personal Space is a very important social skill. Understanding and keeping good personal space helps children to engage more successfully in everyday interactions and in personal relationships with peers and adults throughout life, as well as helping them to stay safe. Explain that everyone feels more comfortable when the person they are with, respects their personal space, the amount of space differs from person to person and depending on who it is. Would you let your parents into your space bubble, yes. Would you let someone you didn’t know very well, no. Have a discussion surrounding this, showing the ‘My Personal Space Diagram’ and link this to the discussion mentioning the different people around the circle.

Make it clear that once corona virus is not longer a threat we will be able to go back to letting those important people into our bubble again, but for now, unless they live in your house you need to remember the 2-metre rule.

Activity: Children can choose to fill in their own ‘space bubble’ or recreate the ‘space circle’. They can draw and write the people they would let into their bubble and who should stay further away.