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Today we are going to be thinking about being kind. This is the most important way to be.

Watch the ‘Be Kind’ Story:


Talk to the children and get them to think of a time someone was kind to them. What happened? What did they do? What do they think? How did they feel? Then think about if someone has been unkind. How did that make them feel? Obviously being kind with our hands is very important, but we know that already. It’s the way we act and our words that we often forgot, especially on the playground sometimes.
Open up the ‘Choose Kindness’ PowerPoint and go through discussing the slides.


After playtime or lunchtime, encourage the children to report kind acts they have seen – like a brief ‘positive tale-telling session’ rather than the other way around!


Activity: Children will fill in the ‘kind kid club’ membership form! They need to think about why they want to be a kind kid and what it means to be kind.

Extension: Kind word colouring sheets.