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Today, over the weekend or next week I would like you to read me a book, or one of the ‘Phonics Owl’ books from the website or one you have at home, but ideally one you have NOT read before. Then if possible, get somebody to record you, only a few pages or you will not be able to send it by email!


I would love to hear how you are getting on with your reading as that is something I am really missing. Also, it is good for me to see how you are progressing with your fluency, expression, phonics and general reading ability. So, chose a book that is not easy, but one you can read on your own. If it is not possible to be filmed, read the book independently to an adult and they can email a summary of how you are getting on! 

If you sign up free to this website you can access many online reading books, many like the ones we have at school. A really great idea to try and read a book a day!