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Please read the instructions below carefully. You will need to set a timer of 60 minutes. Read one text carefully before answering the questions, then repeat with the following two sections. You have about 20 minutes per section, some sections will take longer than others. Any time you have left should be used to check your answers. You can and should refer back to the text when you are answering the questions. All of the answers are in the text and you should evidence this. 
Now you have completed the reading paper, you will find the answers from page 8-28 in the document below. If there is someone in your house that can go through the answers with you that's great. If there isn't and you are marking the paper yourself, please send over to your class teacher any question where you're not sure how many marks you would get and we can help you.
This paper is out of 50 marks. Please count up your score carefully and send it over to your class teacher.