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Reading Comprehension

We are back to it, Year 5 readers!


Please remember that the skills you are developing as you read and engage with these texts are really please don't just rush through your answers, but try to answer as fully as possible. We wanted you to think about the different skills you are developing, so lots of your comprehensions this half term will have the questions organised by the skill. For example, you will be enlighteneddeveloping your vocabulary, enlightenedusing skills of retrieval (finding), enlighteneddeveloping your inference skills (where you have to think about what is meant rather than being explicitly told), enlightenedsummarising (picking out the key points), enlightenedthinking about the authorial intent (what the reader meant to say) and enlightenedcomparing, just to name a few...


There may be two levels to choose from, often labelled A and B - have a go and see if you can challenge yourself to try B!  smiley You obviously only choose one set to answer - make sure you look at the right set of answers when you are marking, after you have finished. Sometimes there won't be a choice at all - just have a go and see what you can do.


All of the texts we have chosen for you to answer are either non-fiction, helping to develop your general knowledge, or are based on quality fiction texts - if you like the extracts, perhaps you could make a note of the title and try to read the whole book? We would LOVE to hear if you did that! angel


From now on, comprehensions will be found on the day's page.