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Sticking to your daily routines is something that will keep you feeling safe and healthy as it is something your body has become used to. For example, taking breaks at normal school times, eating on a regular schedule (breakfast, snack, lunch, dinner, etc.) and exercising or relaxing (in a different space, such as outside) during your breaks are all routines you have gotten into. Keeping these things consistent will lessen your feelings of change. You can use your school timetable to help with this, continue waking up at the same times so that your meals times don’t change and brush your teeth at the normal times also!

This is explained very well in this article:


Learning time-management now (how long it takes you to do things) will be really useful throughout your life and help you to fit in all the fun activities you want to do alongside taking care of yourself, for example, I know it takes me 30 minutes to wake up and 15 minutes to eat my breakfast and 15 minutes to get dressed, so I know when to set my alarm for to be in school on time or to meet my friends in the morning!


The importance of routine