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Today we are going to think more about how plants grow. We want to be able to grow plants and keep our gardens, woodlands and green areas the best we can as plants help people and animals to live. Plants provide food for people and animals to eat and they also make oxygen. All people and animals need oxygen to breathe so it is really important. Watch the two little clips below to listen to how plants grow best and where they grow.


Discuss the different places that plants can grow and then focus on what they need and why – air, light, water, soil and space. Watch this song to help remember -


Open up the ‘What Plants Need’ PowerPoint to demonstrate and discuss.




Activity: Children to complete a poster about how plants grow. If someone did not know how best to look after a plant they could look at your poster to find out. So, make sure the 5 key words are on your poster (air, light, water, soil and space) and they have bright colour bubble writing and pictures to help demonstrate it. You can do this straight into books or onto blank paper and then stick in.