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Today we are going to have more of a think about the different plants and trees we find in the garden or out in nature. Have a look though the ‘Flower’ PowerPoint, do you know any of these types of flowers? Some of these you might find in your garden or some might be wild flowers that seem to grow in woodlands or in green areas. Do we have any of them at school or do you have any in your garden or seen any out and about? Then watch the clip ‘what plants you find outside’


This clip mentions trees and we know they are plants to. We have talked before about the two types of trees – deciduous and evergreen. Deciduous trees lose all of their leaves for part of the year normally this happens during the autumn so that trees are bare throughout the winter. Evergreen trees have leaves all year round. Watch this clip -


Then Open up the ‘Trees’ PowerPoint and again see if you have any in your garden or you have spotted any on a walk recently?


Activity: Draw your garden in your science books. Include the plants and any trees you might have. You can draw it as you remember or add some different flowers and plants you wish you had if you want! If you finish the drawing try and label the things you have drawn and give it a title – ‘My Beautiful garden’.


Extension: Flower Hunt Activity Sheet.