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Ask children to think and share the names of as many fruits as they can, and listen to their suggestions.

Ask children to think, pair, share the names of as many vegetables as they can, and listen to their suggestions

Ask children to explain where fruit and vegetables come from. Explain that they all grow as part of plants. Ask children if they think they can explain the difference between fruits and vegetables. They might know that fruits all have seeds, whereas the vegetables do not.


Watch video on growing fruit and vegetables in an allotment:


Then open the ‘How and Where do Fruit and Vegetables Grow’ and discuss.


Then open the ‘Fruit or Vegetable Game’ PowerPoint and click on if you think the picture is a fruit or a vegetable.


Activity: Children to draw pictures or write a list of fruits and vegetables they know under the correct heading.


Plenary: What am I PowerPoint.