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Today we are having a think about what else we might find in the garden. Brainstorm that with the children. Hopefully they will come up with minibeasts! Watch this:


Open up the ‘Mini Beast’ PowerPoint and go through the section and discuss. Then open and play the ‘Which Mini Beast can you See’ PowerPoint game.


Activity: Children will go outside and complete the ‘Mini Beast Hunting’ activity. They need to tick when they see the minibeast and where they saw it.


Extension: Mini Beast colouring sheets.


Extra:  ‘virtual School Trip’ to Braywick Nature Centre – a Bug Hunt, featuring meadow bugs, soldier beetles, spiders, caterpillars, shield bugs and even a surprise woodpecker!  The content includes an introduction to minibeasts, and explanations of the differences between spiders and insects, and between beetles and bugs, as well as the concept that different species have different habitats. 


You can view the Bug Hunt film here:

You can also now access our whole collection of films from this page: