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Show & Tell

Today we are going to have some time to do some ‘Show and Tell’. I know you used to do this a lot in Reception and absolutely love it. Hopefully you have brought something in to share. Remember no one else is to touch it and it stays in your draw.


During 'Show and Tell' when you were younger you would show your object and say I like it because. Now we are at the end of Year One I want you to really think about telling us lots of things about your chosen item and why it is special. Use your language skills to talk in detail about your item and then be ready to answer questions with more than a yes, no answer!


When they have finished speaking, the rest of the children will get a chance to ask questions, they need to be well thought through, no just ‘where did you get it’! Try hard to think of questions which help you find out something really interesting about your friend’s objects. At home, siblings or parents can ask the questions! 


Activity: Five children before a movement break (outside or just dance on YouTube) to do their show and tell and then the remanding children after a break.


At Home: Children at home you could record your show and tell and email it to Mrs BR: Then if we have time later in the week or next week we could watch these with the children in school.