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Socialising- At the minute we are practicing social distancing as a way of preventing the spread of nasty germs, what it means is that we are coming into contact with fewer people in person, it doesn’t mean we have to stop seeing them online, or not see some people in person! Remember to keep your distance (about 2m is enough!) and try not to breathe directly on anyone, this will prevent the spread of bad germs. The internet is by far the best way of socialising and seeing friends and relatives you would otherwise miss. Things like Facetime and numerous other apps and messaging services are all still open and running, although you must ensure you have your parent’s permission to use these and are following your SMART targets to keep yourselves safe.


Some people like socialising a lot, we call these people extroverts, and they may find spending time away from the people they care about really difficult. If you are one of those people, keeping yourself busy or using one of the methods above will help you to feel less alone. Some people prefer spending time with themselves, this is normal also, if you are enjoying having a bit more space and distance, that is not a bad thing- you are an introvert, and are allowed that time for yourself.