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You don't need to print the spelling paper off, you can just record the 20 words on a piece of paper.

You can either get someone you live with to use the 'Spelling Words and Sentences' document to read you the 20 words or you can use the voice recordings of the 20 words and sentences.

After you have completed the spelling test, use the 'Spelling Words and Sentences' document to mark your work. The test is out of 20, there are no half marks. 


*Please note that if you are using the voice clips for your spelling test that spelling word 5 is not on the first clip (apologies for this!). Please miss word 5 out initially and then after you have listened to the voice clip of words 1-10 you play spelling word 5's very own voice clip!*

Spellings 1-10.mp3

Spelling word 5.mp3

Spelling Words 11-20.mp3