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Teacher Art Challenge

- Artist Challenge -

The teachers had a fun challenge this week to recreate a famous artists work...

Can you work out who is who? Some teachers got more into it than others!!! 


‘The Weeping Woman’ Pablo Picasso             'The Girl with the Pearl Earring' Johannes Vermeer  



'American Gothic' Grant Wood                        'Son of Man' Rene Magritte



'Salvator Mundi' Leonardo Da Vinci               'My Bed' Tracey Emin



'Scream' Van Gogh                                               'Self Portrait' Francis Bacon



'Jorge Manuel Theotocopuli' El Greco          'St Rose of Lima' Carlo Dolci



'Lady with an Ermine' Leonard Da Vinci      'Diana the Huntress' Guillaume Seignac



'Self Portrait' Vincent Van Gogh                   'Portrait of a Man' Jan Van Eyke



'Me and My Parrots' Frida Kahlo                 Mona Lisa' Leonardo da Vinci



'The sad Man' Prisac Nicolae                      'Claudine' Marcel Dyf



'The Bearded Girl' LS Lowry                       'Girl with Balloon' Banksy



'We Can Do It' Rosie Riveter                      'Last Supper' Leonardo Da Vinci



'The Young Barmaid' Charles Sillem Lidderdale