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This week's learning log task

Summer 2

Your learning log for this half term is to work on your personal project each week. Each Monday we will be taking in the next chapter and will give feedback on what you need to do to improve your chapter or let you know if you have missed anything out. 

Monday 14th June- Introduction and Chapter 1

Monday 21st June- Chapter 2

Monday 28th June- Chapter 3

Monday 5th July- Chapter 4. Whole project should be finished and ready to share.

Good luck, we look forward to reading your projects.

Spring 2 and Summer 1

Learning log tasks will, as normal, be set via Purple Mash this half term. They do not need to be completed on Purple Mash if you would rather do the tasks on another programme or by hand. If you choose to do this, please email in your work. Otherwise, please submit it to your class teacher via Purple Mash.


w/c 22.03.21

Due in 19.04.21

Key stage 2 Learning Log Task 

Science week- ‘Science: Here, there and everywhere’

Greetings Space Chefs!

As we have learnt this week, it is particularly important for astronauts to keep fit and healthy. Now, we must help the astronauts in doing this as they journey up into space. This means a balanced diet but it also means lots of exercise too.

Your learning log task this week is to create a meal for Tim Peake (or another astronaut) for when they next venture up into space.

You will need to use information from the Power point you looked at in class, everything you have learnt about healthy eating and you can do your own research to plan a meal or a course that would be suitable for an astronaut! You can decide whether you are planning the meal in preparation for them to go up into space or if you would like to challenge yourself, you can plan a meal that an astronaut could eat in space. You must think about what they can do cooking wise in the rocket!

You can lay out your work in any way that you wish- it is your meal after all! You can plan one dish or multiple courses.

If your mind needs refreshing of all the stuff we talked about in class regarding this task, the Power Point has been uploaded to the science page on the school website for you to have a look at.

We are looking forward to seeing the menus planned for Tim Peake and his friends!

Autumn 2

Learning log home learning is different this year, you won't be getting a physical learning log but the tasks will be very similar! You will be set a learning log task every other week, it will be set on a Wednesday and it is expected that you will submit it by not the following Monday, but the Monday after that. 

Learning log tasks will always be uploaded to this page and also the Twitter page, we will also discuss the tasks with you on a Wednesday. The tasks will either need to be submitted via Purple Mash (your log ins are stuck in your reading records) or sent to your class email address (see below).

Your teacher will send you feedback through Purple Mash or via email. 



w/c 23.11.20

You have two pieces of learning log work to complete over the next few weeks but both are to do with science. Look below to find out more information about the two tasks:

- Research Mary Anning and present your work

- Take a science selfie at home for a whole school competition


Both pieces of work are to be submitted w/c 07.12.20 and can be sent to your class email address or through Purple Mash.