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Tuesday 2nd of April 2020

LO: Carry out a sound survey

Hello Year 4!

I hope you are able to get outside to run around and enjoy the lovely weather we are having.  Your Science challenge this week can be done a bit inside and a bit outside, or all inside, or all outside!

Do you remember the Sound Survey that we did around the school?  We are now going to do another at home. 

There is a Word file for you to open and look at (you do not have to print it). In the file there are two Sound Survey tables. The first is a version of the observations you made on your School Sound Survey and the second is blank for you to fill in.

You will need:

  • a piece of paper (A4 would be good)
  • a pencil
  • a ruler

First, copy the table leaving space to fill in your observations.

(You don’t have to copy the example line unless you want to.)

Next, go to your chosen locations, listen very carefully and write your observations in the table.

Now let’s compare the two surveys and you can tell your grown-up what you have discovered.

  • Do you notice anything that is the same?
  • Do you notice anything that is different?
  • Where was the noisiest location?  Why do you think that was?
  • Where was the quietest? Why do you think that was?
  • I think cars are very loud.  Why do you think they scored 2 for volume in our School Survey?
  • Wow your grown-up with facts that you know about sound.


I’d love to know what you have discovered and if you were able to make out high and low pitch sounds as well as loud and quiet.  I wonder what the most unusual sound anyone has heard will be. 

Send me an email to


Have fun!

Mrs Lee


LO: To write a short chapter

Following the instructions, read through the PowerPoint and then transform the notes from your own box-up into separate paragraphs. You may write these up on scrap or as practice before writing them up neat, when you’re happy with your plan.

Check all of the top tips to make sure that you haven’t made any silly mistakes and ensure that your writing meets the S2S. Please use the sentence starters and fronted adverbials provided to meet your H&S S2S.

If you haven’t checked for your non-negotiables, we can’t even mark it!

Remember, you have already planned out your speech (just copy it over with any corrections you need).

You should tick off each paragraph in your plan, as you go, to check you haven’t missed anything, that it all makes sense, and is in order! We have all of tomorrow as well so focus on making the first half perfect, you have time!


  • N-N:  Finger spaces, neatest handwriting (or serious font!), joined up writing, capital letters and full stops used correctly.
  • H&S:  Fronted adverbials (to vary your sentence starters), neat paragraphs
  • MH:   Using adjectives, verbs and similes to create an exciting atmosphere
  • AYN?!: Using speech (including punctuation) correctly throughout, personification


Mr Romano (4R) asks that his class submit their work as a Word Document, any edits or additions can be made by turning your font purple or highlighting in purple.


LO: Make a whole


1. Open PowerPoint, complete feedback starter and starter questions.

2. Complete VF challenge sheet.

3. Complete RPS challenge sheet.

4. Self mark using marking sheets.


Top Tip

Making a whole, make sure your numerator matches your denominator if making one whole.