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Day 4: Thursday 26th March 2020


Wow – this weather is just so lovely isn’t it, it is definitely making this strange time a little easier to stomach.

I thought I would ‘mix things up’ yesterday and do things in a different order! So after waking up and uploading your distance learning activities I went out on my daily exercise which today was a run. Whilst out and about I came across this lovely 'stay safe'  message on a tree which left me smiling and reminded me how important it is to look after each other in this unsettling time.


It feels so good being out in the fresh air and really helps with your mental health, well-being and mindset. Then after a shower, a cuppa tea and biscuit with Mr Brooke-Read I carried on with some more work. In the afternoon I went into the garden to do some tidying, weeding and refill the bird feeders. I am not very green fingered but I am thinking this is a good opportunity to at least try! Has anyone had time to plant their sunflowers or peas yet?


Thank you again for all your updates – some children are finding it tricky to motive themselves to do the work at home. I know it is a completely new situation and will take a while to get into the swing of it, but please, please try and have a go at the different activities I am setting, especially if your parents are trying to encourage and help you! I am thinking about how I can set up a virtual ‘house point’ or ‘reward system’ like we have at school which might help! Also, every Friday we will still be having our school ‘Brilliant Book’ system so look out for that!


Today I have put a few more ‘useful links’ up on our Year One Home Learning page for you to access if you wish. They include more free subscriptions to access books, music and various other activities which you may enjoy. 

Its Friday tomorrow everyone – you will get a break from the school work at the weekend!


Keep smiling,

Mrs Brooke-Read x