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Day 19: Thursday 21st May 2020


Good morning,


Firstly, sorry about the confusion with the spellings yesterday, I don’t know what happened… and I could not access the website for some reason until after lunch to change it! The words were correct I had just named them something different for some reason (let’s call it baby brain!)! They should have been titled ‘Compound Words’. We have talked about these types of words in school and how they are words that are put together to make a new word. Like ‘sun’ and ‘flower’ to make ‘sunflower’. I have now updated the ‘fab work’ and ‘strike a pose’ sections for this week so you can see what your class mates have been up to! I will do the same again on Friday!


Yesterday was so hot wasn’t it, so nice to go for a walk and then spend some time in the garden before getting too hot and then to cool off I went inside to do some work in the afternoon. I am not as lucky as you guys, I do not have a paddling pool!! I then got distracted by an offer on the buggy system we would like, so I managed to find a cracking deal and have ordered that! Making some progress now! Still seems quite early, 23 weeks now but I guessed it was sensible to take advantage of a good deal! Also, so many baby things are on such long lead times as no one is getting to shops to buy things so everything online is selling out! Crazy! My sister is going to nip to B&Q for me hopefully on her days off to grab the paint so we can start sorting out the nursery! Seems as good a time as any with half term coming up and whilst I have the energy people have told me to go for it! Haha!


Sorry, I didn't take many photo's or do anything exciting yesterday so not much to upload! Here is me on my HOT walk and then in the evening we did a 'Murder Mystery' evening over 'zoom' with friends. It was SO funny and actually worked really well... Who do you think the murder was!? These were mine and Mr BRs characters!!! 




Today I have added a ‘Flat Teacher Adventure’ section. This is something fun I thought might be fun and nice for you guys to complete over half term or whenever you like really. The PowerPoint explains it but If you can, print out the sheet, cut out the boxes and take me on the adventures I have suggested or other adventures of your own that you think I might like! Just an idea and a little bit of fun if you fancy it! I enjoyed making this cartoon character of myself! Hehe!!


Finally.... THANK YOU SO MUCH for my amazing video yesterday. I absolutely LOVED it and it made me cry! Haha! It was so lovely to see you all and I really appreciate you taking the time to do it. It really made my day, no, week, no, term!! But I can not be great without the GREAT children and parents in my class, so right back at you..... THANK YOU!!


Have a lovely day.


Mrs Brooke-Read x