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Day 14: Thursday 23rd April 2020


Good morning guys! Happy St George's Day!


Another day is here… we are so lucky with this glorious weather. I am loving seeing all your pictures and hearing about your outside activities, it is one positive to have all this time you can be spending on walks and in your gardens, make the most of it!


Today I woke up feeling a bit tired so a shorter walk for me, but I am still on a mission that every time I go out, I want to discover a new footpath so I still managed that! I am going to run out soon I think!

We also had a few deliveries today, two big sacks of gravel and some new lavender plants as we are trying to make some improvements to our garden! I planted the lavender and then today and Friday Mr Brooke-Read has taken some time off work to remove our very old and crumbly patio and replace it with all the gravel – a big job, which obviously because I am pregnant and working I won’t be able to help! I will be providing the teas and snacks instead! I will send a photo once it’s done.




I managed to spend some time in the garden with my laptop planning and replying to all your emails, luckily the Wi-Fi reaches but it was a little hard to see the screen so I didn’t last too long!


Today I have added a handwriting activity for you to work on, like I said the other day I am really impressed with how much your writing is improving but this will help and remind you about some of our cursive letters. You will need these in Year Two when you learnt to join! Also, just a reminder that the children should be doing all their school work using pencils rather than crayons and pens. Thanks for your support.


Finally, I am glad you found my 'mistake' in the doubling Maths activity. The children love it when i 'get things wrong' at school! I do it for several reasons, sometimes genuine mistakes but other to see if they are paying attention, understand and just to show its OK to get things wrong, even adults do sometimes! 


Have a thrilling Thursday,

Mrs BR x