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Hello Year 3! 


Oh, I miss you all so much, even picking your belongings up off the cloakroom floor! 


I hope you and your families are all well and enjoying this lovely weather? 


I've been busy homeschooling my three children 😬  They've been doing lots of cycling in the evening which they are really enjoying, even all the hills! We're planning a long one at the weekend. My girls have mastered baking a Victoria sandwich and now don't even need a recipe. Once they've finished their school work, they've managed to virtually play computer games with some of their school friends as they miss them all so much. 


I've had great fun going into school to look after the History Makers. We've played games, baked flapjacks and jam tarts, made bunting and watched films. I'm in again this week so I might see you if you're there. 


I hope to see all your lovely faces soon. In the meantime, enjoy this time with your families. Play in the garden if you're lucky enough to have one, watch movies or bake together, help with the cooking and cleaning, read a book or draw me a picture if you like. It's a strange time for everyone so the main thing you must do is be kind to each other, we are spending more time with our families than we probably ever have so make this time one you will remember with a smile.


Mrs Turner x