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LO: To text-map the model text

In this lesson we are introducing a new model text! Our goal is to learn more about the general structure of an explanation text.

The first thing you should do is read through it all yourself and check you can understand the words (using the glossary to check any tricky words) then follow the actions alongside Mr. White’s icons in the video, before creating your own actions and/or icons for all other paragraphs.

Remember, keep your actions simple, any words already done can be copied! Your drawings should be simple and clear too and, just like the actions, don’t need to be done for every word.

We love this model text! Please send either a video, or your icons to your teacher (Mr. Tang today!) when you are finished.

Year 4 Mr Tang Introduction

Year 4 Mr Tang Day!


The teachers have a Report Writing day, so I'll be setting and receiving your work today!

The sequence of lessons is as follows:

- Face Puzzles

- Creative Writing- Write an alphabet story

- Negative numbers Lesson 1

- Negative numbers Lesson 2


See the video below for my introduction! Hope you enjoy the day. Please send all emails to today, not the class emails.

Year 4 Face Puzzles

Alphabet Story Challenge for Year 4

Negative numbers lesson 1

Negative numbers lesson 2