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LO: To edit and improve your draft

Today we are going to develop your draft (and plan) even further by giving it the purple-pen spa treatment…

Step 1: Follow the laid-out formula to correct and improve Smushy’s explanation text…then send this to your teacher.

Step 2: Go through your planning and the first (maybe more) paragraphs of your story, using the same formula, to make sure you’re including everything that you want to and meeting the S2S.

Step 3: Using your freshly perfected plan, continue to write up the next paragraph (or two!) to the best of your ability, using the S2S to guide you. Tick off the pieces you’ve added as you go!

Attached to the document is a “sentence signpost” picture, to help vary your sentences and ensure your text sounds consistently like an explanation…

You should finish paragraph 4 today, minimum. We’ve loved your explanation texts so far!

PS- If you wrote up all of your paragraphs yesterday, we fully expect you to edit and adapt everything you’ve already written using purple pen/font, as well as editing Smushy’s writing, provided (show off your skills!). You need to make calculated changes to edit and improve your story.

Feel free to ask your teachers for feedback and use any of their advice from yesterday to make these changes.

LO: Comparing Area

1. Watch the video by Mr. Romano
2. Complete a challenge sheet of your choice.
3. Self mark using answers at the end of the document.

Any questions email your class teacher.


Thursday 11th June 2020

LO: to group living things in a range of ways.


Hi Year 4,


I hope you had a good half-term break in the brilliant sunshine.

Last Thursday you had a Mr Tang takeover day so we didn’t start our new Science topic. So this week we are launching …

Living Things and Their Habitats


We’ve got two powerpoints for you to follow.  It should be straightforward. Start with the introduction and when it tells you to switch, move to the Grouping Living Things powerpoint.  When that presentation tells you to switch, go back to the Introduction. 


Clear as a muddy habitat?  I tested it out with Javier in History Makers today and he said it would work out OK.


For today’s Science you will need:

  • A4 paper – plain or lined depending on your choice
  • a pen
  • a pencil
  • a ruler
  • a rubber
  • a bowl or mug – depends on your choice

Please email your finished work to me at

There are a variety of activities at the end of the powerpoint if you would like to take this investigation further.


I hope you enjoy today’s challenges.

Mrs Lee