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Year 3 Feedback

Good morning wonderful children and grown ups of Great Missenden! I hope you are all well and I know you are all working hard!


During lockdown, and for that matter at any time, there are always THOSE DAYS. Days which are just a bit greyer, days where it is hard to get excited about life and difficult to leap out of bed and get active.


We all have them, children, teachers, sensible grown ups (Mums and Dads), silly grown ups (also Mums and Dads, very often the same ones), probably even our pets do. It is tough to shake off the gloom on days like those. So, what can we do? Well the first thing is to remember that we all get them, and that it’s OK to have a day when you don’t quite feel yourself. I find that realising you’re not alone is a good way to start cheering up!


After that a great idea is to talk to someone, to just be honest and say, ‘I’m having one of those day!’ People will understand, they’ll give you a smile or a hug, a high five, tell you a joke or play a game with you. Distracting yourself is a brilliant way to cheer up.


What else can you do? Well, one piece of advice, that grown ups need as often as kids, is- ‘Go easy on yourself, you’re awesome!’ So, another amazing way to cheer yourself up is to give yourself a compliment, give yourself a treat, do something you enjoy doing.


Then finally, another way to turn one of THOSE DAYS into an OUTSTANDING DAY, is this- Do something lovely for someone else. It doesn’t sound much like a secret trick, but my goodness it works. In fact, for a lot of people, doing something nice for someone else is a better way to cheer up than doing something nice for themselves!


So, I’m going to have a go at that. I am going to do something nice for the Guinea Pigs. I have got them a treat. I have got them half of a huge watermelon. They have never seen a watermelon before. So watch the video clip and see if they enjoy it!


Well it definitely made me smile. As I write they are still going strong, Smushy has discovered a brand new food that he likes and Twiglet is very sticky (which in Guinea Pig terms means he’s had a successful day!)


Give it a go yourselves, if you’re having one of THOSE DAYS, remember it’s OK, remember to talk, remember you are awesome and do something nice for yourself and finally do something nice for someone else. Something as simple as a smile might make them have a better day and make you feel better too. Many times in my life I’ve had bad days that were changed by a single smile!

Hope you all have an OUTSTANDING DAY!

Take care

Mr White

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