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LO: To understand foreshadowing and how it is used

Foreshadowing is used to show that something is about to happen, before it happens, in a text. Read the document to understand better why and how it is used in a text.

  • Use the picture to predict what could happen next- foreshadowing is very similar to prediction.
  • Read the paragraphs to try and work out what they are about and what they are foreshadowing.
  • Use your comprehension skills and write your answers in full sentences to explain your reasoning- the word “because” or “as…” will help here!
  • If you would like a bonus challenge, check the second sheet…we’d love for you to try this!

Metaphor is linked to foreshadowing as it can suggest something without saying it outright. Again, please ask your teachers if you need help or are confused by anything.


LO: Division word problems.


1. Watch the video below brought to you by Mr Romano.

2. Complete both challenge sheets.

3. Self mark using answers are the end of each document.


Any questions email your class teacher.


LO: we are exploring and using classification keys to group, identify and name vertebrates.


Hi Year 4,


Wow, you are amazing at sorting animals. I was really impressed with all the Venn and Carroll diagrams that you sent me last week not just for the sorting but for the neat presentation.


A quick SHOUT OUT to George who found a skull (yes, a skull!) when he was on a walk.  George used his Scientific detective skills to look at the shape of the skull and to identify the type of teeth and what the animal would have eaten.


The conclusion was it was a badger skull – is that right, George?


This week we have two powerpoints/pdf (one is more of a game!) and two films. We are sorting vertebrates using a scientific tool called a classification key. We’ll start with a filmclip that will explain what those are.


For today’s Science you will need:

  • to watch 1 or 2 filmclips
  • A4 paper
  • a pen, pencil, ruler and rubber

Please email your finished work to me at

Don’t forget to take a look at the games and films in the

Take It Further activities. 

Mrs Lee