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LO: To edit and improve your draft

Today we are going to develop the first draft that you started yesterday by giving it the purple-pen spa treatment!


Step 1: Follow the laid-out formula to correct and improve the text, it’s speech so you need to focus on using speech marks and making it clear whose who! Then, send this to your teacher.

Step 2: Go through your planning and the first three (maybe more) paragraphs of your story, using the same formula, to make sure you’re including everything that you want to, and that you’re meeting the S2S.

Step 3: Continue to write up your story, a paragraph at a time, to the best of your ability, using the S2S to guide you. Tick off the pieces you’ve added as you go! Don’t forget to include your foreshadowing…


You should finish your text fully today and edit it with purple pen, fully! Feel free to ask your teachers for feedback and use any of their advice from yesterday to make these changes. We’ve loved your stories so far!


LO: Maths investigation


Something a little bit different today, we would like you to do a maths investigation. You will need to test your skill against Mr Romano and prove if he is correct or incorrect. Today's investigation uses digital numbers and something called light bars make up digital numbers. You need to find the largest and smallest number you can make using no more than 16 light bars.


For example the digit 0 is made up of 6 light bars. The light bar is the individual line.


With investigations there will be more than one correct answer, the main thing is that you prove if Mr Romano is correct or incorrect so you need to explain why. Mr Romano suggests that you investigate at least 10 different numbers to help you find the largest or the smallest number. Each year 4 teacher will have the answers.


The document below will explain the task again.


If you have any questions email your class teacher and have fun!


LO: we are exploring and using classification keys to group, identify and name invertebrates.


Hi Year 4,


Well done all of you - you did such a good job with the classification keys last week.  There was a lot of information to take in and then use.


I’m going to give Amelie and Benji a SHOUT OUT this week.  They have been sending me some of the most amazing drawings and pictures of animals.  This week they both sent me an animal x-ray challenge that they had drawn.


Are these animals vertebrates or invertebrates?  Answer at the bottom of the page.


 I have been deep in the learning pit this week and I have to say a very big THANK YOU to the marvellous Miss Read who has pulled me out!  I have had my first go at recording on a powerpoint and making a film for you. It’s best if you can watch the film rather than use the pdf file but don’t worry if you can’t.  Follow it right to the end before you go on your Hunt! 


For today’s Science you will need to follow my powerpoint/film/pdf. 


Please email your finished Invertebrate Identification sheet to me at

Don’t forget to take a look at the games and films in the

Take It Further activities. 

Mrs Lee