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Thursday 23rd April

Good morning all (from Mr Sperring),

This is my first opportunity to welcome you all back after Easter (which seems like a long time ago now!). Having spoken to lots of you, I know you’ve managed to enjoy the sunshine and get outside as much as possible. I was speaking to a parent yesterday about the current lockdown and we both agreed that although it is really challenging at times, there are many positives. It is unlikely that we will ever get this much time together as families and so we should try to make the most of it. Walks, baking (if you can find flour) and games are just of the things I can highly recommend.


‘Silver linings’ is the theme of my blog really. Yesterday was ‘Earth Day.’ It was the 50th anniversary of the event where people come together to celebrate and appreciate what a wonderful planet we have. Up until now, things have seemed rather doom and gloom.  In fact, in our Spring topic, we looked at how much of an effect climate change is having on our Earth. But… the coronavirus is actually helping our planet!

Science experts have confirmed that changes in the jet streams (fast air currents at high altitudes) are evidence of the recovery of the Earth’s protective ozone layer. Remember – ozone is a layer in our Earth’s stratosphere and is responsible for absorbing the sun’s harmful ultraviolet radiation.


Other positives are:

  1. Generally, the world is quieter. We are using fewer trains and buses and crowds are banned.
  2. Less air pollution – There are lower levels of nitrogen dioxide normally emitted from cars, trucks, buses and power plants. With cleaner air, we are able to battle the coronavirus more effectively.
  3. The oceans are repopulating! One marine biologist has put microphones in the ocean and with less cruise ships in the ocean, she said that the oceans are significantly quieter. This reduces stress-hormone levels and increases reproduction amongst marine wildlife.
  4. Canals and rivers are cleaner without boats using them as a highway. In Venice, the water is crystal clear!
  5. As a whole – Household carbon footprints are being reduced – we are growing more food in houses, we are planning meals, we are not buying unnecessary clothes, we’re driving less and ‘holidaying’ less as we are can’t use planes.


Things are looking up 😊 Below is a link to show the satellite images highlighting the changes in nitrogen dioxide in Italy (one of the worst hit areas of COVID-19).


Another ‘silver lining’ of the lockdown is the fact you are able to show your parents what talented mathematicians, authors and artists you are! Well done to Oscar and Alex from 6S, Charlie from 6C and Morgan, Mylo, Ella, Zak, Delphi and Bella from 6K for their shape poems yesterday. A special shout out to Ty from 6S for his hand printing. Here are yesterday’s highlights:

Another ‘silver lining’ of this horrible virus is the praise the NHS has received. It has been under appreciated for a long time but we can now all see the amazing work that goes into caring for the population. Nelson is doing a skipathon for raise money for the NHS. If you would like to sponsor him, please follow the kink below:


Just two more days until the weekend. Looks like today is going to be another glorious day so get your work done early and enjoy the garden in the afternoon 😊


Mr Sperring