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Good Morning Everyone,


Before I begin with today's blog, we have three messages from staff:

1) Madame Hemsworth has asked us to share a language survey with you all, Please complete it carefully - it should take no longer than 5 minutes. Thank you.


2) Mrs Hardy would like to us to remind you all that the deadline for the Corona Poetry competition is at 4pm today (Thursday). If you have an entry, please send it to Mrs Hardy at Please see the document above for details. Winners of the competition will be announced in tomorrow's brilliant book.


3) All of GM would like to wish Miss Cartwright a huge HAPPY BIRTHDAY! It's not the birthday she would have wanted I'm sure, but your messages will go a long way today :)




Today's Blog

I hope you are all well and the weather change hasn't affected your mindsets too badly. I know Mr Sperring, Miss Cartwright and I all noticed our moods had dampened slightly with the weather - you could call it real life pathetic fallacy. So today I thought I would share some of the best jokes I have received from you all to raise spirits that need raising.


Before I do this, I wanted to draw your attention to the minutes silence that was held across the country to commemorate those NHS staff, carers and other key workers that have died whilst doing their jobs and trying to support our effort against this horrible virus. More than 100 key worker staff have died so far, risking their own (and their families) lives to save others. They deserve our thoughts and prayers:


A Prayer for Carers, Nurses and Doctors

Lord Jesus, who healed the sick and gave them new life,

be with doctors, nurses and carers, as they act as agents of your healing touch.

In desperate times, keep them strong yet loving;

and when their work is done,

be with them in their weariness and in their tears. Amen.


I also wanted to share some of the gestures you have made so far for those wonderful NHS staff and care workers.


  • Mylo painted his face and created a stop motion animation




  • Iris, Luke and Oliver have all completed 5K runs and raised money for the NHS.


  • Isla made a rainbow cake




  • Charlie M wrote a lovely shape poem




  • Arthur wrote a special Kenning poem




  • Safi created some wonderful wall art




And there have been many more wonderful gestures made. Thank you all of you.


So the best jokes so far:


What do you call fake noodle?

An impasta



Why were the teachers eye’s crossed?

Because he couldn’t control his pupils!


What  did two snails do when they had a fight

They slugged it out


How do you move a very heavy pig?

You use a pork lift truck!


what did the pirate say when he found his wooden leg in the freezer?



How often do scientists tell jokes?



Top work guys. Have a cheerful and smiley day everyone,

Mr Kemp