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Thursday 26th March

Good morning all (from Mr Sperring),


I’d like to start this morning by saying a couple of thank yous. The first thank you is of course to the children. When we first had the idea of ‘distance learning’ we didn’t know how it would go. You have made it a complete success. We love reading your e-mails and seeing all of the exciting things you’ve been doing on top of your school work.


The second thank you goes to the parents and family members making this happen. Thanks for supporting, assisting and motivating where you can. I know how hard it is to juggle your own work with your children’s activities at the moment but we really appreciate it.


Special shout outs today go to:

  • George in 6S. He is first to send his distance learning each morning and always completes it to the best of his ability. Keep it up, George!
  • Ella in 6K. She has been channelling her creativity to decorate old shoes. They look ready for sale!
  • Lucy in 6S. She’s found some time to create magnificent drawings of a lion and a dog.
  • Hannah in 6S. We sent the skipping ropes home to try and encourage you to exercise as well as complete your English and Maths tasks. Hannah has taken it to the next level and managed to do a triple skip with a backflip on the trampoline. The benchmark has been set!


They say you should always practise what you preach so here is my daughter keeping me very busy whilst I’m trying to respond to all of your lovely e-mails.

The weather looks great again today. Get your work done in the morning so you can enjoy the sunshine in your gardens or on a walk in the afternoon.


Keep being amazing.


Mr Sperring