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Day 19: Thursday 30th April 2020


Good Morning,


Well yesterday morning I managed to get out for my exercise, which I am so glad I did, I felt so much better all day compared to Tuesday! I managed a little run, mainly to get back before the rain, although I did not quite make it and got caught in a little shower! I am finding it harder to run these days but that’s OK, I really love walking around our beautiful countryside, we are so lucky! When I got back I found a delivery of brownies on my door step from my Mum, she had cycled over and left them as a surprise… how nice! I saved them for a cuppa tea in the afternoon… they (I mean it!?!! Heehee!) went down a treat!  


For dinner I fancied a quiche, something my Mum is so good at and I am really missing going for tea at her house! So, I made the pastry in the afternoon so it could chill and then made the filling at dinner time. It was yummy, but not as good as my Mums! I also made some jam tarts, like we did at school before Christmas with the left over pastry! They were also yummy, I did eat one too soon as I couldn't wait when it came out the oven and burnt my tongue... silly Mrs BR!




Then last night after dinner we had a zoom catch up with some of my friends who I trained to be a teacher with and their husbands. We then tried an online escape room which was fantastic fun! We were all working together in a virtual room that we were trying to escape from by solving puzzles, riddles, clues and brain teasers! I have done a couple of these in ‘real life’ and they are such good fun! The online version obviously wasn’t quite the same but a very good laugh and something different to try! 


Just a reminder from Mrs Hardy... The Corona Poetry Competition has had some wonderful entries already, do not forget you have till 4pm today to send them in! You can send them straight to Mrs Hardy at or send them to me and I will forward them on!


I have updated the ‘strike a pose’ and ‘our fab work’ sections of the distance learning page, I think I will do this on a Wednesday and then update it again on a Friday! So, keep an eye out! It might have felt like a longer week this week for some, but do not worry, its Friday again tomorrow!


Have a lovely day,

Mrs Brooke-Read x