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Thursday 2nd April

Hi Everyone (From Mr Kemp),


You've made it! You're past the hump day of the week – if you even remembered it’s Thursday and that we are cruising towards the Easter holiday! I have had a really interesting week so far, I may not have been able to leave my house much but rather amazingly, I have had lots of visitors AND I got a new puppy 😉



Thanks Josh in 6C for this 'roarsome' find (just type in an animals name into Google and view in 3D mode)


I have lots of mentions to give today but wanted to say well done to all of you who did the arithmetic Maths paper 1 and achieved so well. A special mention goes to Hannah in 6S for being so reflective about her work, identifying where and why she went wrong. Top work!



Well done to those of you who have been showing real determination in trying to solve the extra Maths problem from yesterday.The clue was in the bottom line (look closely) and lots of you got to the correct answer of 43.          A special mention for a super 'Great Missenden Growth Mindset' goes to Ben in 6K and his Mum for finally getting there on the umpteenth time. cheeky Ben you really have got the eye of the tiger! 


Here is Ben out on his early morning training regime!


Another huge shout out Alice (6C), Luke (6K) and Freddie (6S)  for their brilliant spine poetry - see below. Some fantastic efforts across the year group - thanks everyone!


- Alice


 - Luke

The lavish grass supported the dilapidated construction,

The black derelict archway beckoned me in,

The decrepit crumbling bricks watched over the abandoned and soulless structure,

The broken windows were dusty with battle stained tears,

The clouds darkness wrapped its anguished arms around the castle to hang on to its past.


- Freddie

The crumbling walls try to stand tall but they will eventually fall,

What used to be a brilliant monument has now crumbled down to extinction,

The stone archway beckons only the bravest to enter,

Windows stand despondently staring out at the misty, grey ocean.

The glassy green grass grows higher each year pulling the tower down,

The grey, stormy clouds shout out in fury as they make their way across the land.


Finally, a few more photos from you guys of all the great things you (or your pets) have been up to lately:



Isla's drawing of her brother - the spitting image!



Iris has been cooking harissa salmon! Yum! 



And Lucy's dogs, Layla and Buddy, are just as tired of all this being trapped in doors as we are!


Have a great Thursday everyone. You are all the GREAT in Great Missenden!

Stay safe and take care.


Mr Kemp