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Good morning year 3!


Hope you are all happy, safe and well.


All us year 3 teachers have been so impressed with the work you have been sending in to us.  It certainly seems that we are going to have some fraction and letter writing experts by the time we return to school.


Here’s a joke for you:

Why did the fraction get a massage?  Because he was two tenths (too tense)!


I know it’s pretty bad but I hope it made you laugh.


We are soon moving on from fractions so today’s task is a bit of an investigation.  See how you get on but don’t forget we are only an email away and are happy to help you if you get stuck.


Don’t forget to check out the science for this week.  It’s all about planning quite a fun investigation involving an egg.  My children have already had a go and it got quite messy.  You can watch a video we made if you would like to see what the planning is for but, at this stage, all you need to do is plan the investigation.

WARNING:  Do not drop eggs from any height without a grown up.


Mrs Hemsworth has put a link here which is an MFL survey. She would really appreciate it if you could click on it and complete it. It will only take around 5 minutes to complete and would really help her out.


Have a lovely day everyone and hope to see you soon.


Mrs Phipps