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LO: To read as a reader

This is a reading comprehension, and has lots of questions for you to answer. Look through the document, it has a lot of good tips!

You’re expected to work through all of the questions and check back using the top tips involved. You should know the text quite well by now, so will not have to look far to find the information you need!

There is a copy of the answers at the bottom of the document for you to check through after, but ask your teacher if you’re uncertain about anything, especially when answering MH and AYN?! questions, which have some parts for you to answer using inference.

Whilst you read through, try to really think about why the text was written, this will help you find the answers. Please ensure that you write all of the answers as FULL SENTENCES and always include quotes straight from the text where possible (these can be put in inverted commas to make the stand out).

Good luck!


LO: To divide 2 digits by 10

Another recap lesson based on learning from last term. 

1. Follow link below, click on week 2 (Not summer term, week 2) and find lesson 1 

2. Watch the video

3. Complete worksheet- the questions do get harder as you work through the document, if you are stuck on a question, do email your class teacher for help if needed

4. Self mark using the answer document


We have also attached below an extra sheet if you would like to challenge yourself further but this is optional.


LO: to identify the types and functions of teeth

Hello Year 4,

I can’t believe it is the Summer Term already!

I hope you are all enjoying being at home, doing your Distance Learning and spending lots of time having fun especially outside.


A new term means a new Science focus and this term ours is going to be Animals Including Humans. 

We will be exploring how we and different animals eat, how we digest food and we will also be thinking about the different types of food animals eat and how that links with where they live, their habitat. 

Today the weather has changed to be rainy so I thought we could be indoor Scientists.


For this investigation you will need:

  • A4 paper or to print one sheet (black & white)
  • a pen, pencil and 5 different colours
  • a ruler
  • scissors
  • glue
  • a mirror (hand held is easier) and/or a person to look at!
  • to watch two filmclips

Please follow the Powerpoint and I hope you enjoy our investigation.

Please send finished diagrams to me at

There are a variety of extension activities at the end of the Powerpoint if you would like to take this investigation further.

Mrs Lee