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Good morning all


It’s Thursday but I’m sure we all have that Friday feeling with the bank holiday ahead of us tomorrow! It looks like we will have some more nice weather both today and tomorrow so I hope you all get the opportunity to make the most of it. Remember to send us through any VE celebrations or anything else interesting you have done over this three-day weekend. We hope you have enjoyed the different VE day activities this week and learnt something new. A special well done to Charlotte (6K) for such a fantastic news report, enjoy the read! We look forward to reading more of your news reports next week.


Reece has been doing some VE day preparation!




If we were at school, next week would be SATs week and even though we won’t now be sitting the official SATs we would like to do some sort of assessment week. We understand that this will be different from the set up at school but we would really like you to engage in the assessments the best that you can. Below is an outline of the week so that it isn’t a surprise to you.


Monday- SPaG paper and a spelling test (if you have someone that you live with who can read out the words this would be great). You will then have a reading task.

Tuesday- Reading paper and one lesson (this won’t be maths or English)

Wednesday- Arithmetic paper and one lesson (this won’t be maths or English)

Thursday- Problem solving and reasoning paper and a French lesson

Friday- Problem solving and reasoning paper


The assessments can all be done in the morning if you wish and the weather is looking nice next week so you will be able to enjoy the afternoons in that!


These assessments are nothing to stress about, we just wanted to give you warning so that it wasn’t a shock for you on Monday. You do not need to do anything to prepare for them. Now we have finished the curriculum these assessments will see how much you have learnt over the year and if there is anything we need to recap with you before we break up for summer.


The answers will be uploaded too but please do not look at these answers until you have completed the assessments, for obvious reasons! We would like you to complete the assessments yourself, with no adult support, but if you have someone able to mark the answers with you and/or go through some of the paper with you after that would be an added bonus. However, this isn’t a necessity and we understand everyone is busy. We are here to support you with specific questions or methods you need help with. These assessments might also flag up personal targets for you that you will then want to work on e.g. if you got all the multiplying fractions questions wrong then this is probably going to be an area that you need to revisit. Again, we can help you with this!


Along with uploading each assessment and the answers each day, we will give the instructions and timings so don’t panic. Like I said, these assessments aren’t anything to worry about. They are going to inform our planning but also hopefully show you just how far you have come this year. We would like you to show off how much you have learnt and we want you to feel proud of what you have achieved 😊


Have a fun filled bank holiday weekend and let’s hope we get some more clarity of the current situation on Sunday from Boris! We have said it many times but we are proud at just how well you have coped with this and how you have thrown yourself in to this distance learning, you have shown maturity and skills that will be very useful transitioning up to secondary school.


To finish off today’s update I would like to share with you Amelia’s (6S) new creation ‘Malcolm the Melon’, I’m sure he wishes you all a great weekend too!!



Miss Cartwright