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LO: To write up, then edit and improve your letter

Today we are going to transform your idea for a letter, the amazing planning you did yesterday, in to a well thought out letter!


Step 1: Follow the laid-out formula to correct and improve Twiglet’s letter…

Step 2: Go through your planning, using the same formula, to make sure it includes everything you want it to and that it meets the S2S.

Step 3: Using your freshly perfected plan, write out your own letter as neatly and beautifully as possible- use the S2S sheet to tick off the pieces you’ve added as you go!


As a bonus you may want to decorate your letter, if not, that’s fine, but please send your neatest version back to your teacher as soon as possible so that they can see if you’ve checked for the S2S, in case you need to make changes…Purple pens always help!

We are really looking forward to you bringing your plans to life.


LO: Months, weeks, and days.


1. Watch the video below brought to you by Mr Romano and complete PowerPoint questions.

2. Complete a challenge sheet of your choice.

3. Self mark using answers at the end of the document

4. Optional, can complete maths sheets in the maths additional learning folder.


Top Tip

7 days in one week

12 months in a year


Any questions about the work email your class teacher.

Years, Months, Weeks and Days with Mr. Romano!

Follow the video to help with your learning. Send any questions to your teachers!

Thursday 7th May 2020:

LO: to identify similarities and differences in animal teeth


Hi Year 4,

Thank you for sending me all your fabulous and very colourful diagrams of teeth.  I am so pleased that lots of you are enjoying this new Science topic.

Today we are going to be looking at lots of different animals. You have a Powerpoint to follow, a short film to watch, a written activity and hopefully you will take part in an investigation by eating a snack!

For today’s Science you will need:

  • a piece of raw carrot or apple or similar, to eat
  • A4 paper or to print one sheet (black & white)
  • a pen or pencil
  • purple pen or pencil for marking
  • to watch a filmclip

Please follow the Powerpoint and I hope you enjoy today’s challenges.

When you have marked your own work, please send a copy to me at

There are a variety of extension activities at the end of the Powerpoint if you would like to take this investigation further.

Mrs Lee

French (optional)

Well done to everyone who sent in their French work last week. It's fabulous to see so many of you finding the time to practice your French at home. Keep up the good work and remember, do what you can. I post lots of different activities so you can choose what appeals to you. Normally in the classroom, I would give you a choice of worksheets and tasks. 


If you can, please send me a photo of your 'progress cloud' so I can see what you have completed.

My email address is:


This week we are focusing on animals, in particular looking at the gender of nouns. Start by watching the PowerPoint and then select some of the worksheets to complete.


Enjoy the long weekend and I look forward to receiving your work. 


Madame Hemsworth