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Day 19: Thursday 14th May 2020


Dzien Dobry… Good Morning in Polish (Thanks Zoe!)


Following the new rules, yesterday I went for a walk with a friend, it was so lovely to see her and have a catch up even though we had to stay 2 metres apart! It was also just so nice to have some company, running/walking every day is great but I think I have listened to every podcast now and it is nice to have someone to talk to other than myself (I am not sure bump always listens!) Haha! I did not take a picture of her but we did see this really awesome tree trunk! Then to finish the day I had a lovely chat with my nephew on Facetime... He was in the bath as you can see I got this screen shot of him waving! Bless him, he can not wait to have a cousin! 




A quick thanks to Emily and Mrs Rees for making me feel better about the fish and chips on Tuesday… I was obviously just sticking to our ‘seaside’ topic theme!! Haha! I also found a fun little ‘fish and chips’ activity which made me think of you all and I have attached below as an extra to look at if you wish… you should find the activities fairly easy as I think it is more aimed at EYFS but I know you love things like this in golden time so take a look if you fish…. I mean wish!!! I had these funny coloured carrots with my dinner last night though... back on track now, everything in balance right! 


Today I have added a Science section. Last week you were so good at looking at and sorting manmade and natural materials in our topic work, I thought I would get you to have a go a Science recap activity. Take a look if you can. Also, lastly, a little reminder about your topic work. This activity seems to have gone down really well with lots of positive comments about how much you are enjoying the activity, I am so pleased. I have been amazed by some of your creativity!! To name a few… Rocco has made the whole resort named ‘Rocco’s Park’ in Lego, as did Isabel (with a different name!), Georgia-Rose used real sand from her sandpit to stick onto her design, Leila did hers in the sandpit, Cadence has been adding to and improving on hers each day, Emily created a very realistic scene and Peter was so excited to get going he did it on Monday! Well done everyone!


Have another great day, I think it is going to start getting a little warmer again soon!


Mrs Brooke-Read x