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LO: To write a recount

Following the instructions, read through the PowerPoint about "How to write a great recount" and then, following the Thursday PPt , transform your notes from your own box-up into the first few paragraphs of a recount! Have a look at the good example of a recount to see what you're aiming for, it should be detailed, covering how you felt and what you did...Don't leave it simple, really go into depth!

Check all of the top tips to make sure that you haven’t made any silly mistakes.


  • N-N:  Finger spaces, neatest handwriting (or serious font!) joined up writing, capital letters and full stops used correctly.
  • H&S:  Using emotive language to describe feelings throughout!
  • MH:   Using adjectives to describe activities accurately.
  • AYN?!: Including an embedded clause!

Go through the PowerPoints, read the "good example" and then try writing up your own!

Maths : It was brought to our attention that RPS and VF were the same this has now be corrected as of 9:13am. If you dowloaded the sheets before this time please use the updated ones below. Thank you Year 4 Team.

LO: Dividing 2 digit numbers by 10

  1. Open PowerPoint, complete feedback starter and slides.
  2. Starting with VF, complete challenge sheet (both A and B questions).
  3. Next, complete RPS.
  4. Self-mark using answers at the end of the challenge sheets

Any questions about the work should be sent to your class teacher.


Challenge sheets:
D is H&S
E is MH
GD is AYN!


Top tip for Lesson

Use the place value grid from Monday’s lesson and some counter/coins. When you are using the Gattegno grid if your number is two digits you will need to put 2 counters on the gird for each digit in the number. For example if my number was 45, I would put a counter on 5 because my number has 5 ones and 40 because the number has 4 tens.

P.E Task

LO: To create your own home workout

The Body Coach Joe Wicks has been doing amazing online workouts for children and adults all over the world, to follow at 9 a.m. each day. Can you design your own workout for your family? Take a look at one of Joe’s on YouTube (hopefully you can do it each day morning too) and think about what exercises you will include! 

* Remember it has to be a whole body work out, for legs, arms and abdominals .

* Think about which muscles you need to use to ensure all parts of the body are moving. 

* What order are you going to do the exercises in and for how long? Ideally your routine should last at least 10 to 15 minutes.
* Give clear instructions to your audience. You can record it outside and send on some pictures.

* Remember to take care and plan it safely, any person should be able to take part what ever their age!
Have fun doing this!