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Tiger Challenge

Because Mrs Brooke-Read got carried away planning lots of activities for you all, I forgot it was a Bank holiday tomorrow! Oops! So basically a couple of extra bonus challenges here today for if you want to do any over the long weekend or fancy an 'Tiger Challenge' today! You do not need to complete these tasks though, only if you want to! 


Tiger Challenge One: Mental Maths! 

We have done these at school many times and you did one in the first week of our distance learning, so hopefully you will know what to do. The PowerPoint below has all the instructions and questions that hopefully your parents will read out for you. You can have a go at reading the questions yourself if you want, just don’t look at the answers until the end! If you have a printer the final slide of the PowerPoint is the sheet we normally use at school to fill out our answers, but like before you can just use a blank piece of paper or your green distance learning book to write down the numbers and corresponding answers. Remember you can draw things to help and you’re your working out if you need to but try and complete the problems in your head as much as you can. Please let me know how you got on at the end of the day.


Tiger Challenge Two: Phonics Board Game!

I got lots of good feedback on the board game last week so today the attachment is another board game for you to play either on your own, with a sibling or a parent or maybe a teddy! You will need counters, a dice and to be ready to think of all the words we have learnt this week and what ‘oa’ sound you need to spell them!


Tiger Challenge Three: Tidy your bedroom! Hehee!