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This week’s topic lesson is going to be thinking more about the geography of the seaside but also linking it to a recap of something we have already learnt about in science. We are going to be looking at the features of the seaside. What makes the seaside, the seaside!?


The two main things for the learning today is ‘Physical features’ and ‘Human features’. Physical features are those that a natural and the human features are things that are man-made. I would like you to open the PowerPoint below and thinking about these two key things, see what you see! Some key physical features include: beach, cliff, coast, forest, hill, mountain, sea, ocean, river, soil, valley, vegetation, season and weather. Some key human features include the city, town, village, factory, farm, house, office, port, harbour and shops. Try and complete the sorting activity through the PowerPoint.


Then after that open the ‘Natural and Man-made PowerPoint’ and recap this learning. Then for the activity I would like you go around your house inside and out and identify materials and objects and decide whether they are man-made or natural. You could write a list of take some photos to record this.


Remember you have the whole week to complete this task.