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Recap topic and some things they have learnt about Pirates so far. This week for our topic lesson we are going to be using our imagination. We are going to imagine we are under the deck of the ship and looking out of one of the port holes. What can we see? Maybe we are above the water level or maybe we are under!?


Show the ‘Under the Sea Photo’ PowerPoint and discuss the different underwater creatures they might see, this is too big to upload on the website so take a look at skip to different sections of this video to get the idea:


Then talk about the coral and other natural objects they might see. Maybe treasure or a ship wreck! Use their imaginations. Then Show the ‘Under the Sea’ PowerPoint 2 to recap. Now explain on the writing template they are going to be writing sentences to describe what they can see if they were looking out to or under sea. Show picture example and then provide the porthole writing frame outline.


Explain on Thursday they will have the chance to draw pictures on the back of their porthole.

Hot & Spicy – Write at least 2 sentences using ‘I can see’ as a sentence opener.

Mega Hot – Write at least 3 sentences using ‘I can see’ and different sentence openers.

Are You Nuts – Use adjectives to describe what you are seeing writing in full sentences with a variety of sentence openers.


Extension – Under the Sea Word Search


Plenary – What Am I PowerPoint