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Today I wanted it to be a fun tea staining paper activity which we could have done together at school. However, now you are at home it might be easier for you to do it there, if we are allowed and have help from an adult. We use the tea stained paper to make the paper look old! If you can't do it I have attached you a pre-stained piece of paper to use to do your writing.


So first, using a tea bag soaked in warm water (carefully), squeeze it out so you can dab it onto some plain paper until it is covered and looks old! Once it is dry you are going to use it to do some writing on!


So now, we are going to imagine that we are pirates at sea away from home. We are going to write a letter to tell our loved ones what we are up to, what it is like being a pirate and let them know we miss them. How do you think pirates would send a letter if they were at sea? Discuss. Once you have talked about not having post boxes, emails and phones etc come to the idea of a message in a bottle. Open the PowerPoint ‘message in a bottle’ to explain the task and have a look at some examples.

Hot & Spicy – Children to write at least 3 short sentences using full stops and capital letters.

Mega Hot – Children to write at least 4 sentences using adjectives to make it exciting for the reader.

Are You Nuts – Children to write as much as they can using verbs and adjectives in their sentences thinking about making it exciting for the reader. Can you also remember how we set out a letter?


Extension – Pirate Colouring Sheets